Greek Licensing

Little Hawk Jewelry is a licensed designer for 17 Greek Organizations.

The names and letters of Sororities and Fraternities are Trademarked. This means that any designer/manufacturer of items using the name of a particular sorority or fraternity have to apply and be accepted as a licensed dealer. Licensing can be a fairly long and tedious process and no surprise many vendors still sell illegally. However "ridiculous" it may seem, it's a way for organizations to manage and monitor what represents them. As with any logo or brand, Greek letters represent each organization’s history, heritage, mission, and values. The ways in which the marks are used have an important impact on the organization’s reputation. They want to ensure the organization and its members that items they buy and the companies they buy from are of high quality, good service and a positive image.

A portion of each sale of a licensed greek item goes back to the sorority. 


If your chapter is interested in a group purchase or fundraising, contact me for details and pricing at littlehawkjewelry [!at]