Caring for your jewelry

At Little Hawk Jewelry, all metals used are 14k gold filled, sterling silver and gold vermeil. 

Gold-filled jewelry is the next best quality next to gold. Gold filled metal is made in sheet and wire forms. Thick sheets of gold are pressure bonded to a base metal, usually copper or brass. Gold Filled metal is hard wearing and maintains its shine for a lifetime. It will not peel or flake like plated products and should last as long as solid 14k gold jewelry. It is safe for most people with sensitive skin and it does not tarnish. To clean, use mild soap and water. 

Sterling silver is a mixture of pure silver and some other metal, usually copper. (pure silver is so soft it must be strengthened by combining with another metal) The chain used in Little Hawk Jewelry designs has been treated with an anti-tarnish spray or dip. Most of these treatments are temporary but will delay the time in which the silver tarnishes. All silver tarnishes with exposure to nature-- air, light, chemicals, chlorine. To help prevent tarnishing, store in closed containers like ziplock bags, away from close light bulbs, etc. If you find your sterling silver beginning to tarnish, dip in a silver cleaner and it will be like new.