The Quality of Gold Filled

At Little Hawk Jewelry, all metals used are 14k gold filled, sterling silver and gold vermeil. 

Gold-filled is the next best quality to gold at a much affordable price. It consists of a very thick layer gold alloy over a base metal. It's easily 100x the amount of gold than what is found on gold plated jewelry. Because of this, it means the gold will not peel, tarnish, or fade, like gold plated metal. It's also safe to wear in the pool, shower, etc. With proper care, Gold Filled jewelry can last a lifetime. 

It is safe for most people with sensitive skin and it does not tarnish. To clean, use mild soap and water. 

Sterling silver is another quality metal. Unlike Gold Filled, ALL sterling silver will tarnish. However, a quick dip in silver cleaner, and the piece will be as bright as new. The chain used in Little Hawk Jewelry designs has been treated with an anti-tarnish spray or dip to help delay the tarnishing.  To help even more, store silver in closed containers like ziplock bags, away from close light bulbs, etc. 

Lotions and chemicals (like perfume) also add to the tarnishing of metal, so just take care to not spray directly on metals!